Taskforce Intensive Workshop Project

Using champions from within your business to improve your business

Taskforce Intensive Workshop Project

A Taskforce is formed consisting of 1 Frazer Consulting Group consultant (Project Lead) and 8 of your supervisors/managers. Your employees continue to work in their existing roles, but with an added responsibility for the design and implementation of improvement strategies.

The Taskforce will be made up of supervisors/managers from different departments to ensure a good cross section of expertise, with the suggested Taskforce members being engaged as outlined in the Project Plan.

Each Taskforce Intensive Project is conducted over a 52-week period and includes the Project Lead travelling to your facility and working off-site to provide the following:

  • First on-site visit to conduct a 5-day Taskforce Intensive workshop at week 1;
  • Second on-site visit to conduct a 5-day Taskforce Intensive workshop at week 26;
  • Third on-site visit to conduct a 5-day Taskforce Intensive workshop and finalisation meeting at week 52; and
  • Off-site calls of up to 30 minutes will be made to each Taskforce member each week for the duration of the Project to discuss progress and adjust strategies as required.


The Project Lead will visit the centre 3 times during the Project to deliver the workshops as detailed. During those workshops the Taskforce will discuss and address:

  • Issues & red-flags;
  • Difficulties faced with current initiatives;
  • Future improvement strategies and timelines;
  • The setting and management of targets;
  • Division of tasks; and
  • Support required.

Taskforce Responsibility

The Taskforce is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the Project under the direction of the Project Lead. With regular weekly discussions, the Project Lead will continue to manage the Taskforce but ultimately, the Taskforce are the team who drive the Project delivery on-site.