Service Offering

Prison Consulting Services

We can assess your prison and provide proven techniques to address issues

Business Health Check, SWOT Analysis & Operational Plan

We will conduct a full and detailed business health check of your prison including consideration of:

  • Profitability and budget concerns

  • KPI/SDO failures

  • Process failures contributing to the KPI/SDO failures

  • Post Order (processes), Standard Operating Procedures and Client Requirements

  • Chief Inspector inspection results, Official Prison Visitor feedback, Ombudsmen recommendations and the results of any Healthy Prison Audits that have been conducted

  • Results of safety & security, case management or other operational audits that have been conducted outlining areas of concern

  • Staffing plans, staffing structure, human resources and industrial relations processes, position descriptions, overtime costs, roster issues, sick leave levels, annual leave planning, health & safety concerns, fatigue, staff engagement, expertise of stakeholders (all levels), skill gaps, training strategies, staff development plans and opportunities and succession planning as well as a complete industrial relations offering as detailed below

From the results, an Operational Plan and follow up regime will be provided outlining strategies and recommendations on how to address the areas of concern.

Recruitment & Staffing

As you know, the success of any business depends on its people, and people are our speciality.

If you are experiencing issues with attracting and retaining staff, lack of experience, KPI failures, process failures, a toxic environment with cultural issues, roster failures, fatigue, high staff assault rates and other staff related issues, then we can help.

Having recruited thousands of staff for prisons in different jurisdictions, we can offer tried and tested methodologies relative to both start-up and functional centre recruitment.

We have and can commission new prisons through bulk recruitment and the set-up of processes and procedures.

We offer:

  • Position Description development

  • Position advertising

  • Shortlisting

  • Facilitation of Aptitude Testing

  • Facilitation of Psychometric testing

  • Coordination of Medical testing

  • Consideration of testing results

  • Coordination of and participation in interviewing

  • Reference checking

  • Preparation and submission of Criminal History Check/Police Check documentation

  • Preparation and submission of documentation relating to Instruments of Authority as may be required in different jurisdictions

  • Preparation of Offer & Contracts of Employment

  • Acceptance of Offers

  • Collation of personnel files

  • Uniform fitting and issuing of uniform items

  • Onboarding of new staff members including inductions

Industrial Relations assistance

  • Enterprise Agreement negotiation / Collective Bargaining

  • Joint Consultative Committee meeting coordination (meetings between Union Representatives and Management)

  • Workforce Agreement consideration and recommendation for improvement

  • Staffing advice

  • Performance management of staff, supervisors and managers including how and when to have the difficult discussions about performance and/or poor behaviour

  • How to handle a support person when attending meetings with staff members

  • Handling Grievances

  • Recognising and addressing Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation

  • Commissioning investigations

  • Conducting investigations

  • Preparation of disciplinary documentation

  • Conducting disciplinary hearings

  • Preparation and delivery of disciplinary outcomes

  • Preparing termination documentation

  • Termination of employees

  • How to record the content of staff meetings

  • Decommissioning units or entire prisons and providing Outplacement services

Staff Retention & Development (Mentoring & Coaching)

  • Coaching and mentoring of both custodial and non-custodial staff, (Officers, Supervisors, Managers, Senior Managers)

Health & Safety at work

  • Consideration of Safe Work Practices (SWP’s) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

  • Consideration of current claims and advice on how to progress and close these out

  • Proven strategies on reduction of insurance premiums and claim rates

Succession Planning

  • Assessment of individual skills and abilities and development of a Succession Plan

  • Advice on how to address skills gaps with employees

  • Professional development plans for future leaders

Process implementation

  • Annual and personal (sick) leave process

  • Roster development

  • Design and implementation of Operational and HR processes

KPI/SDO advice

  • Advice on the setting of KPI/SDO targets for managers and supervisors

  • Advice on measurement tools and timelines

  • Advice on strategies to address individual KPI/SDO failures


  • Communication workshops

  • Policy and Adherence workshops and training sessions

  • Performance management coaching

  • Advice on how to address skills gaps with employees

  • Professional development plans for future leaders


  • Auditing against Policy

  • Advice on poor auditing results

Tender preparation

  • Preparation of a staffing plan and staffing advice

  • Preparation of a training strategy and budget

  • Tender response around staffing and HR functionality

Other services as discussed and agreed