Service Offering

Service Offering
Once the Business Health Check has been conducted and Synopsis discussed, we will design a Project Plan based around 1 of the 3 Project options we offer:

  1. Time-Based Consulting Services;
  2. Taskforce Intensive Workshop Project;
  3. 12-month on-site Project Team.

The detailed Project Plan will include some or all of the services detailed below, however, this is not an exhaustive list of the services we provide but it will give you an idea of the breadth and depth of the expertise we offer.

Recruitment & Staffing

Having recruited hundreds of staff for prisons/jails in different jurisdictions, we offer tried and tested methodologies relative to both start-up (commissioning) as well as functional centre recruitment including:

  • Assistance with position description development;
  • Assistance with position advertising and application shortlisting;
  • Facilitation of aptitude, psychometric and medical testing along with consideration of testing results;
  • Coordination and participation in interviewing and reference checking;
  • Preparation and submission of criminal history check/police check documentation;
  • Preparation and submission of documentation relating to Instruments of Authority (or equivalent in your jurisdiction);
  • Preparation of Offers & Contracts of Employment and collation of responses;
  • HR administrative duties including the collation of personnel files, arranging uniform fittings and issuing uniform items;
  • Design and implementation of a full onboarding schedule.

Workforce Support

Efficient recruitment, training, professional development and staff support services will improve staff satisfaction and engagement. With this in mind, we can provide advice on how to:

  • Reward positive performance and behaviour;
  • Instil a culture of support and celebration;
  • Deal with issues efficiently, effectively and consistently;
  • Improve staff engagement;
  • Reduce staff turnover;
  • Reduce sick leave levels;
  • Reduce overtime costs;
  • Reduce annual (holiday) leave liability;
  • Address toxicity in the workplace.

Industrial Relations

Even with efficient staff related services, you will still require robust IR processes and we will therefore guide you on how to:

  • Effectively negotiate Enterprise Agreements/Collective Bargaining Agreements;
  • Implement Joint Consultative Committee Meetings between Union representatives and your management;
  • Introduce performance management processes and the setting of Key Performance Indicator targets for managers and supervisors;
  • Measure and track performance effectively;
  • Know what constitutes effective performance management evidence;
  • Understand the difference between bullying and performance management;
  • Handle the performance management of employees effectively including how and when to have the difficult discussions regarding poor performance or behaviour;
  • Understand the importance of consistency of message;
  • Recognise and address bullying, harassing and intimidating behaviours;
  • Handle staff grievances;
  • Commission and conduct staff investigations;
  • Prepare disciplinary documentation, conduct disciplinary hearings, prepare and deliver disciplinary outcomes;
  • Prepare termination documentation and terminate employees.

Health & Safety at work

We assist with:

  • The design of Safe Work Practices;
  • Assessing current workers compensation claims and advice on how to progress these to finalisation and close-out;
  • Details of what to include in claim responses;
  • Recommended strategies to reduce Workers Compensation insurance premiums and claim rates.

Human Resources Process implementation

We assist you to:

  • Design staffing plans;
  • Design and implement rosters and roster variations;
  • Design and implement human resources Policies and Procedures;
  • Design and introduce an Annual (holiday) leave plan;
  • Design and introduce a Personal (sick) leave process;
  • Design and introduce a positive Performance Review processes.

Coaching, Mentoring & Professional Development

We provide:

  • Coaching and mentoring of supervisors and managers, both custodial and non-custodial;
  • Assessment of individual skills, abilities & qualifications and consideration of skill gaps and training needs;
  • Advice on how to implement professional development plans for future leaders;
  • Tailor-made training programs and workshops to meet your requirements;
  • Assistance with the development of a succession plan.

Change Management

We are able to:

  • Conduct a partial or full centre-wide restructure;
  • Decommission units or entire prisons/jails and provide outplacement services to the displaced staff and managers;
  • Coach managers in change management.

Tender Responses

We offer:

  • Preparation of tender responses relating to staffing plans and Human Resources functionality;
  • Preparation of a training strategy and budget.