Debbie Frazer

About our Founders Prison and Jail background

Debbie began her correctional career on the floor as an Officer in a maximum and high security male prison/jail (both a remand jail and sentenced prison). She worked every post and was responsible for the safety and security of 890 prisoners. She undertook prisoner escorts, hospital transfers, controlled accommodation units, inducted prisoners, prepared and sent prisoners to court and hospital, processed them out of the Centre and managed the flow of prisoner property through the reception store. She ensured prisoners attended relevant educational programs or activities such as the gymnasium, ovals and work rotations and controlled the perimeter and other access points in the perimeter response vehicle. She also attended incidents and was involved in several physical altercations with prisoners. Debbie was weapons qualified, worked armed and non-armed posts and worked both day and night shift rotations.

Debbie acted as the Prison Services Manager where she was responsible for the education and program development and delivery to more than 900 male prisoners.

She then acted as the Contract Compliance Manager where she controlled target achievement against the Government Contract and was also responsible for the control of Quality Assurance including auditing schedules and investigation of incidents.

Debbie worked closely with the General Manager (Warden) where she was responsible for handling prisoner complaint responses, coordinating Official Visitors, Government employees, the Ombudsman and handling critical incident reporting.

She also worked with the Operations Management team assisting with the coordination of Safety Orders, Urine Instrument tests, maintaining the register of searches requiring the removal of clothing, prisoner complaints, prisoner Handling Instructions and prisoner Individual Management Plans.

Debbie then took on the role of Human Resources Manager with the responsibility of more than 500 staff who managed 1,200 male prisoners.

She then commissioned the largest and most technically advanced prison in Australia, the Ravenhall Correctional Centre with more than 600 staff and 1,247 medium and minimum-security male prisoners.

Due to the number of different positions Debbie held in prison and jail, her knowledge really is rather unique and can be applied to prisons/jails no matter their jurisdiction. She believes that not all, but most issues faced within the prison/jail environment can be attributed to people and people management. Contact Us to discuss this concept and how we can help you with the issues you are facing.