Debbie Frazer

9 years in prisons and more than 15 years in senior and general management positions

Prior to establishing Frazer Consulting Group, our founder, Debbie Frazer spent the last 9 years of her corporate career in prisons and can therefore offer proven strategies to address area of concern in prisons no matter their jurisdiction.

Debbie began her correctional career on the floor as an Officer and due to her proven ability and skill in this area, Debbie was provided with a number of opportunities to act in senior management roles.

Debbie acted in the role of Prison Services Manager, where she was responsible for overseeing the programs for (at the time) more than 800 high and maximum security male remand prisoners.

Debbie also acted in the role of Contract Compliance Manager, where she controlled the tracking of KPI (Key Performance Indicator target) achievement for reporting to the Client, Queensland Corrective Services.

Debbie was then promoted to the role of Human Resources Manager in Queensland’s largest remand centre housing 1,100 high and maximum security male prisoners. Debbie was responsible for human resources and industrial relations in a complex 24/7 operation with more than 550 staff, supervisors and managers.

Debbie then commissioned the Ravenhall Correctional Centre, in Victoria, Australia. Ravenhall is Victoria’s largest medium and minimum security prison housing up to 1,247 remand and sentenced males including 75 prisoners in its maximum security Forensic Mental Health Centre. Ravenhall Correctional Centre is the most advanced prison in Australia offering a unique and dedicated rehabilitation and reintegration model.

Prior to working in prisons, Debbie’s background was gained from more than 15 years in senior and general management positions across a number of countries including England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand.