Business Health Check (audit)

Auditing your centre to benchmark performance

Business Health Check

Before we can recommend initiatives for the sustained improvement of your business, we must first understand your business, it’s efficiencies as well as it’s issues/failures. The first step to doing this is by conducting a Business Health Check (audit) to determine a baseline of performance. Once we have established the baseline, we can determine the next step in the process for improvement.

The Business Health Check is made up of 2 parts:

Part 1. Off-site preparation (Between 4 – 8 weeks depending on the size of your prison/jail)

In order to become familiar with the broader issues and prepare information for the on-site Project and Synopsis, we will request a significant amount of business information for consideration during our off-site preparation.

Broadly, this will include but not be limited to:

  • Budget and performance results;
  • Audit and inspection reports;
  • Human resource information;
  • Details of projects and improvement strategies undertaken previously; and
  • Details of known areas of concern and reasons for same.

We will provide a full list of information required once our Terms & Conditions of Business have been signed and commencement dates confirmed.

Part 2. On-site Project (Between 6 - 12 weeks depending on the size of your prison/jail)

One of our consultants will enter the prison/jail to:

  • Meet with local management and observe the centre’s daily activity;
  • Observe each work function/role;
  • Consider how each role connects to the next and whether any inefficiencies or disconnections are evident; and
  • Seek input from staff and managers regarding the issues they are facing.

In addition, we will also consider but not limit ourselves to details relating to:

  • Profitability and budget achievements;
  • Process and/or staffing issues contributing to Key Performance Indicator targets;
  • Non-compliance with Post Orders (processes) and Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Chief Inspector inspection results, Official Visitor feedback, Ombudsmen recommendations and the results of any Healthy Prison/Jail Audits that have been conducted;
  • Results of safety & security, case management or other operational audits that have been conducted; and
  • Human Resources practices;
    • Recruitment processes;
    • Onboarding programs;
    • Staffing plans;
    • Staffing structure;
    • Position descriptions;
    • Overtime allocation and costs;
    • Roster gaps and inefficiencies;
    • Sick leave levels;
    • Workers Compensation claim rates and open claims;
    • Annual leave planning;
    • Leave liability;
    • Training strategies;
    • Staff development plans;
    • Opportunities for advancement; and
    • Succession planning.
  • Human Resource concerns:
    • Health & safety concerns;
    • Staff fatigue;
    • Toxic behaviours ie: evidence of bullying, intimidating and harassing behaviours;
    • Staff disengagement;
    • Expertise of stakeholders (all levels);
    • Skill gaps; and
    • Other concerns that become evident.

A synopsis of the issues

We will formulate and present you with a document outlining:

  • The apparent issues;
  • Recommendations on what actions you need to take to address the issues;
  • What expertise will be required to undertake the actions required;
  • How we can work with you to address those issues; and
  • Timelines for improvement if working with us.

The Synopsis concludes the Business Health Check process.

After consideration of our Synopsis and at your request, we will design a Project Plan offering 1 of 3 Project options that best meet the needs of your prison/jail:

  1. Time-Based Consulting Services – one or more consultants working with you for an agreed period of time;
  2. Taskforce Intensive Workshop Project – formation of a Taskforce of your employees who continue to work in their nominated role but also work as part of a team to design and implement improvement strategies. This Project is lead by a Frazer Consulting Group consultant who delivers 3 on-site workshops and conducts weekly off-site monitoring calls with the Taskforce members over a 52-week period;
  3. 12-month on-site Project Team – formation of a full-time Project Team of our consultants and your managers who will manage the facility for a 52-week period.

Each Project will offer a different level of improvement, please contact us for information.