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How Frazer Consulting Group can help you

We understand prisons and jails and why they suffer from people and operational issues, often prison and jail mangers don’t realise that their people can cause and/or exacerbate the operational issues. Without addressing the people issues, performance generally doesn’t improve. We go to the source; we dig deep into your business and recommend strategies to address the underlying issues that you may not have realised were linked.

We can help you:

Reduce overtime;
Reduce sick leave;
Reduce staff burnout;
Reduce roster manipulation;
Reduce Workers Compensation claims;
Reduce recruitment timelines from months to weeks.

Improve recruitment processes;
Improve the quality of hires;
Improve performance management;
Improve staff satisfaction levels;
Improve retention;
Improve safety;
Improve operational target achievement; and
…show you how to become an Employer of Choice.

All while potentially saving you millions of dollars (or equivalent) a year.

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A Little Of Our Story

Our Founder, Debbie Frazer

Prior to establishing Frazer Consulting Group, our founder, Debbie Frazer spent the last 9 years of her corporate career in prisons and jails and can therefore offer proven strategies to address areas of concern in prisons no matter their jurisdiction.

Prior to working in prisons, Debbie’s background was gained from more than 25 years in senior and general management positions across a number of countries including England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand.

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