12-month on-site Project Team

Your experts and ours will manage and improve your facility over 12 months

12-month-on-site Project Team

We will form a Project Team of our consultants and your employees who will manage the facility for a 52-week period. This Project Team will work to address performance concerns and implement strategies with a view to achieving sustainable solutions for your prison/jail. The Project Team will be engaged as outlined in the Project Plan.

Project Team Members

The Project Team is made up of:

  • 1 Project Lead (Frazer Consulting Group) with additional consultants as required;
  • 1 General Manager/Warden;
  • 2 Specialist Advisors;
  • 5 Managers.

All Project Team members will work full-time on the Project for a 52-week period. This means that 8 employees on the Project Team may be moved out of their normal roles for the duration of the Project.

In addition, a number of employees will be utilized as champions for change at the same time as undertaking their normal duties. They do not form part of the Project Team but are an essential part of the process for delivering sustainable change.

Project Team Accountabilities & Responsibilities

Project Lead
  • The Project Lead reports progress to the Client Decision Maker;
  • The Project Lead assumes responsibility for the management and success of the Project and therefore has the authority to override previous management decisions and recruit and terminate employees as required to meet Project objectives.
General Manager
  • The General Manager will report through their normal chain of command;
  • The incumbent will report to the Project Lead for all performance and work undertaken relating directly to the Project.
  • In this role, the incumbent will hold responsibility for the day to day management of the centre but with an additional accountability for the success of the Project.
  • The Advisors will report to the Project Lead and hold full responsibility and accountability for KPI achievement and Project success relating to their respective portfolios;
  • In this role the incumbent will consult with the Project Team, take that information and work alongside and provide specialist advice to the General Manager as it relates to KPI achievement, critical incident management and policy adherence under their portfolio.
  • Managers will report to the Project Lead;
  • Each Manager will be allocated to a portfolio and work closely with the Advisor responsible for same;
  • In this role the incumbent will hold responsibility and accountability for the implementation, monitoring and success of Project initiatives, whilst respecting the operational functionality of the facility.
Additional Consultants
  • Should there be insufficient expertise of mangers within the facility, additional consultants will be used to allow us sufficient time to recruit the required incumbents without delaying the Project commencement.

Managers and Portfolios will be determined after discussion with the Client Decision Maker and once we are familiar with the facility and employees have been interviewed.