Taskforce Intensive Workshops & Monitoring for Prisons

Using champions from within your business to improve your business


Prison Project Consulting

Individual consultants working on performance improvement strategies

Why Us?

Frazer Consulting Group

Frazer Consulting Group is a unique consulting firm that offers tried and tested strategies to improve performance within prisons.

Coming from prisons and general management, we can talk with confidence and assess the real issues affecting performance.

We offer 2 types of consulting services:

  1. Taskforce Intensive Workshops & Monitoring where we appoint champions from your staff and managers to work with our consultants over a 12 month period to achieve sustainable improvements; and
  2. Project Based Consulting working on performance improvement strategies
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What can Frazer Consulting Group do for you?

Work with you to improve your prison performance

If you are experiencing issues in your prison

Frazer Consulting Group may be just the business you need to help you Discover What’s Possible

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