Business Health Check (audit)

Auditing your centre to benchmark performance


Time-based Consulting Services

Individual consultants working on performance improvement strategies


Taskforce Intensive Workshop Project

Using champions from within your business to improve your business


12-month on-site Project Team

Your experts and ours will manage and improve your facility over 12 months

Why Us?

Frazer Consulting Group

Frazer Consulting Group is a unique consulting firm that offers tried and tested strategies to improve performance within prisons/jails.

Coming from prisons/jails and general management, we can talk with confidence and assess the real issues affecting performance.

We first conduct a Business Health Check (audit) to benchmark your current performance and provide you with a synopsis of issues that are evident. To provide improvement strategies, we offer rectification projects as detailed:

Our 3 Project options:

  1. Time-based Consulting Services
    Individual consultant/s work with you on performance improvement strategies for an agreed period of time
  2. Taskforce Intensive Workshop Project
    Lead by us, we form a Taskforce of your employees who work as champions from within your business to improve your business
  3. 12-month on-site Project Team
    Lead by us, we form a Team of your experts and ours to manage and improve your facility over a 12-month period

Each Project will offer different levels of improvement, please speak with us for details.

About Us

What can Frazer Consulting Group do for you?

Work with you to improve your prison performance

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Frazer Consulting Group may be just the business you need to help you Discover What’s Possible

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