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Why Us?

Frazer Consulting Group

Frazer Consulting Group is a unique consulting firm that offers tried and tested strategies to improve performance within prisons.

Coming from prisons and general management, we can talk with confidence and asses the real issues affecting performance.

We offer services ranging from tender proposals, commissioning and performance improvement right through to decommissioning and outplacement services when a contract is ending.

About Us

What can Frazer Consulting Group do for you?

a unique consulting firm that provides tried and tested strategies
to improve performance within prisons

  • Assist with tender development relative to staffing solutions

  • Commission new prisons

  • Coach you and your stakeholders on how to improve effectiveness by providing real solutions that work

  • Help you to address KPI failures as well as process/procedural non-compliances

  • Coach you and your stakeholders on industrial relations and how to manage performance so you get the best out of your staff, supervisors and managers

  • Provide recommendations on how to address cultural toxicity

  • Design and implement effective 24/7 rosters as a way of reducing overtime and fatigue

  • Recommend strategies to close-off your existing Health & Safety claims, manage your current and future claims and reduce your annual insurance premium cost

  • Assist with training issues, provide effective training as well as coaching and mentoring programs to improve performance

  • Design and implement succession plans so your business continues to flourish into the future

  • Decommission prisons and provide Outplacement services

If you are experiencing issues in your prison

Frazer Consulting Group may be just the business you need to help you Discover What’s Possible

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