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Why Us?
  • Are you carrying the burden of millions of dollars (or equivalent) in overtime costs?
  • Do you have staff turnover you cannot control?
  • Have you got more staff performance issues than ever before?
  • Do you have sick leave levels that create vacant posts every day?
  • Are your staff manipulating the roster?
  • Are you crippled by Workers Compensation claims from injuries (both physical and mental)?
  • Are your staff burnt-out? What about your managers?
  • Do you find it impossible to recruit the number of staff you need?
  • Are you failing to attract good quality candidates for your vacancies?
  • Are people reluctant to work in your prison/jail?
  • Are you failing key operational safety and security targets?

Frazer Consulting Group is a unique consulting firm that offers tried and tested strategies that improve performance within prisons and jails. We can help you with all the above, and more.

We understand prisons and jails and appreciate the complexities and anomalies that affect your performance. We work with you to address issues and help you improve.

We can help you:

Reduce overtime;
Reduce sick leave;
Reduce staff burnout;
Reduce roster manipulation;
Reduce Workers Compensation claims;
Reduce recruitment timelines from months to weeks.

Improve recruitment processes;
Improve the quality of hires;
Improve performance management;
Improve staff satisfaction levels;
Improve retention;
Improve safety;
Improve operational target achievement; and
…show you how to become an Employer of Choice.

All while potentially saving you millions of dollars (or equivalent) a year.

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